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Huawei Jump-Starts Public-Private Dialogue on Security Challenges: Official Launch of Cyber Security White Paper

[Brussels, Belgium, 13 November 2013] Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today presented its new White Paper on Cyber Security at a launch event in Brussels, providing new impetus for the debate on how to address present and future cyber security challenges. The event brought together industry leaders and policy makers to discuss how the industry can join forces with policy makers to achieve a more secure cyber space.

The White Paper, released by Huawei on 18 October 2013, discusses how to make cyber security a part of a company’s DNA and calls for common international cyber security standards to be agreed upon and implemented globally.

“The global supply chain of the ICT sector requires international cooperation to work on global solutions to cyber security challenges,” said David Francis, Cyber Security Officer with Huawei UK. “At Huawei, we are determined to play our part in an open and active dialogue with a view to jointly creating more secure network infrastructures.”

Pablo Zalba Bidegain MEP, who also spoke at the event, said: “Only a joint and forward-looking approach can keep step with the fast-evolving risks and pitfalls of our common cyber space. Europe and China are important partners for controlling and minimising these risks. We need to work together to foster an environment where innovation can improve lives and drive economic recovery.”

Huawei’s cyber security mantra has always been: “Assume nothing. Believe no-one. Check everything.” The new White Paper sets out in detail how this is put in practice in the framework of Huawei’s end-to-end cyber security system.

The position paper released in October is Huawei’s second Cyber Security White Paper. Since then, there has been a significant shift globally towards greater cooperation on cyber security issues. Huawei welcomes this development and aims to take this collaborative approach even further. The latest White Paper provides more information on Huawei’s policy in this field and was published to foster a better understanding of the procedures, transformations and strategies that vendors such as Huawei are considering in relation to cyber security.

The document put a major focus on looking beyond today’s problems to lay down the foundations for securing tomorrow’s world.


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